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Obama Administration Whistleblower Found Dead, Shot in Head

obama whistleblower dead
Philip Hanley shot dead

Another one bites the dust. It sure is dangerous to know The Clintons & The Obama’s. So many associates and friends of these animals end up dead.  Philip Haney was the man that blew the whistle on jihadists in this country being covered up by the Obama administration.

According to Law Enforcement Today, Haney is now dead, found shot to death near his car.

While the publication stated that it had not yet been able to confirm the report, its sources inside the local Sheriff’s office have informed them that an investigation is underway.

Shot Dead

Haney’s body was reportedly found late Friday night in San Francisco.

Details are still fuzzy about exactly what happened, but it does appear as though he was shot to death.

Friends and relatives have already reached out to say there is no way this man committed suicide, but they also made it very clear he had numerous enemies after exposing the Obama administration.

Rest In Peace Sir. #WWG1WGA #KAG 

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