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The Left Hates America

25 MILLIOIN Americans filed for Unemployment Last Month! We went from 3% Unemployment to 20% in less than 30 days. This is unheard of anywhere, anytime for any country ever in the history of civilization. That the political leaders in office for a robust and thriving economy would purposely blow a hole in it, for wait for it… “To save Lives”. Crap. It’s all crap. Viruses kill people. We live in world that also houses viruses. We don’t hide in our homes because of a virus. Unless, that is your wish and you have the financial means to do so. However, what we don’t do is force people into their homes, shut down their businesses & call it “your duty to others”.

How about this:

  • If you are sick and old stay home!
  • If you choose stay home, stay home!
  • But if you are willing to risk it and be extra diligent on your hand washing go about your life!

On what planet do we (Americans) allow the government to tell us what we are allowed to do? Especially if this decision means putting food on the table or not. Some of us aren’t comfortable or willing to become wards of the State. This “stay at home” BS has turned me into a Democrat. I’m sitting around at home, unemployed, waiting on my check from the government to come. It’s not a good look & doesn’t make me happy or feel safe at all. In fact, if I was allowed to choose, this is more scary than the fear of catching the virus. Becoming depressed and without a daily purpose (outside of walking my dog & chaperoning the pathetic excuse for the “school at home”  program) is 100X’s more scary than COVID19. 

Before I really go off and explain my argument, I have to pause and say a few positives regarding the quarantine. The air and our environment are noticeably less polluted. There is a heck of a lot less smog and the traffic on the 91 and 55 is practically non-existent. While I used to miss my daughter during a busy work/school week I am now overindulged in my little girls love and attention.I have lost 5lbs thanks to 3x’s a day dog walks and bike rides with the family for PE class and home cooked meals in place of too busy to eat and or fast food lunches. I have crafted and colored, painted & re-purposed everything that isn’t nailed to the house. I started and finished 4 vampire series and even read 1984 over a really dark couple of rainy days last week. All of these things could’ve been accomplished in 10 -14 days, but still all positives. 

The more I see posts on Twitter from Democratic Governors, including mine #RecallGavinNewsome in California, I have passed from annoyed to furious.

recall Gavin Newsome

In California, the ever corrupt & out of touch Nephew of the drunken, denture chomping Nancy Pelosi, has decided that $175 Million of the FEDERAL CARES Bill money for suffering out of work citizens should first go to illegal aliens. Yep, you heard that correctly. California has not figured out how to give the extra $600 to its out of work legal residents, but managed to get $500 to illegal aliens! I am almost without words on this criminal act. Isn’t this federal money? How is this even legal? President Trump are you hearing this? Please save my state from these crooks.

save New York

Governor Andrew Cumo of New York has been on his own path of destruction and USA hating CV regulations as well. He early released over 900 prisoners and was “shocked and saddened” to hear many had re-offended within days of their release and are currently back in jail. He had the audacity to act shocked by this? Most of us with a brain still in our heads were anything but shocked when presented with this news. How do these people continue to get elected? Ballot harvesting. I will soon post about the extensive and calculated scheme that was used in 2018 in California to steal the House for the Democrats using this vile practice. 

What angers me the most, is the complete failure these asshats are for State leaders, yet still stand there and blame the President for every one of their failures. It is every states responsibility 100% to be prepared and to pay for things like medical equipment and testing during a pandemic. However, Trump has pitched in and given whatever these clowns demanded and still they blame and whine and lie. 

The other day a group of angry man hating nurses descended on the Capital to declare a demand for PPE & other essential work attire. Do these idiots not understand it is THEIR STATES JOB to provide them with these things? These uneducated, ignorant and down right stupid people will demand the Federal government provide for them, but then have another meltdown when Federal regulations are handed down on things they don’t agree with. You can’t have it both ways Snowflakes of the left. Life is not fair, nor is it easy. The fact these are grown people and not toddlers is unbelievable if based solely on their actions. 

It is time for a revolution and we must take back the government from these criminals before we are Venezuela or worse. This #fakeflu has allowed these power obsessed communists to seize power amid a crisis and are beginning to wield it in ways that are very damaging to all of us. I refuse to sit with my head in the sand pretending this is the “New Normal”. There is nothing New or Normal about this and the reaction from people is not going to continue to be meek. $1200 doesn’t go very far, especially in California. Missing work and staying locked inside as summer approaches is going to get old fast. I pray for a quick resolve, but know from experience these people won’t go away quietly. They will have to be forced! I continue to write my House Rep (Harley Rouda) worthless, feckless pile of poo that he is weekly to no avail, but if enough of us keep writing in maybe they will attempt to listen. Contact Harley Rouda here 

Contact Gruesome Gavin Newsome Here 

All of them have email it is very easy to write in, I keep a template and change the date copy and paste and repeat. 

Thank You for stopping by. Lets connect and plan a protest or other actions to take California back! 

#wwg1wga #kag2020 #trump #savecalifornia 

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