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This Man draws crowds the Deep State politicians can only wish they could. They hate him because we love him & they aren’t in control anymore. Trump restored the power to the people and they are doing whatever they can to destroy US through HIM! 

Welcome to my page of Fast News Clips & Interesting things I found on Twitter. I am constantly floored by the idiocy of the Left & the brain dead sheep who blindly follow these USA hating politicians. I try to be a kind and open minded type of person, but lately I’ve come to accept that we aren’t just on different sides politically, we are on different sides ethically, morally & spiritually as well. I don’t know if closing the gap between the two sides is even feasible anymore.

I hope you enjoy the content here and feel free to leave a comment or open dialouge, no matter what you say I won’t block or ban you. If I’m proved incorrect in anything I state I’ll always admit and retract. xoox


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