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CV Shutdown: Was it necessary?

If you think like me, then you were against/unsure the whole “Shelter in Place” Orders that spread across the USA like a plague with worse consequences than the Covid19 virus itself. I did not understand from day 1, with such small numbers of infected why we were purposely going to blow a hole in the best economy we have had since the 60’s. It made 0 sense to me, however because someone in my immediate family (ex-mother in law) who lives with my daughter and her Dad on his days is high risk, I accepted it, at first. As the days went by and the numbers didn’t increase along with the fact, I still don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has gotten sick (and I live in O.C., California) I began to get annoyed.

The more I looked into it & the more my senators and House Reps began to let their agenda leak out, the truth became crystal clear. This was a chance for the criminal corrupt left to use to implement their horrible socialist policies & usher in more fraudulent dirty election stealing tricks. Like ballot harvesting, same day voter registration & less strict forms of ID that can be used to prove citizenship, like a library card in lieu of a Passport.

Once Nancy Pelosi released her version of the CARES Bill a 1200 page mini series of identity politics/socialist laws/constitution killing regulations/funding for illegals, fake environment catastrophe’s & raises for Congress, I saw this for the sham it was. What is now beginning to disturb me & should you as well, is the fact we have all quietly and meekly given our rights away for nothing. We have the right to make a living. We have the right to assemble & worship freely, we have the right to assemble & protest the actions of our government & we have the right to travel. This quarantine is only working because we have allowed it to. We the people are in charge, not the Governor, the House or The Senate.

Now some facts on The Corona Virus:  

  • The model on which the government is relying is simply unreliable.
  • It is not that social distancing has changed the equation; it is that the equation’s fundamental assumptions are so dead wrong, they cannot remain reasonably stable for just 72 hours.
  • And mind you, when we observe that the government is relying on the models, we mean reliance for the purpose of making policy, including the policy of completely closing down American businesses and attempting to confine people to their homes because, it is said, no lesser measures will do.
  • That seems worth stressing in light of this morning’s announcement that unemployment claims spiked another 6.6 million (now well over 16 million in just the past couple of weeks), to say nothing of the fact that, while the nation reels, the Senate has now chosen to go on recess, having failed thanks to Democratic obstinacy, to enact legislation to give more relief to our fast-shrinking small-business sector.
  • The revised April 5 model was grossly wrong even in predicting conditions that would obtain on April 5 itself.
  • It had predicted that on that day, New York, the epicenter of the crisis, would need about 24,000 hospital beds, including 6,000 ICU beds. In fact, the model was off by a third — New York had 16,479 hospitalized COVID patients, 4,376 that were in ICU.
  • The CDC admitted that all deaths were being reported as death by CV even before the medical examiner has done an autopsy.
  • The MSM (main -stream media) has told us Hospitals are full to the brim with people unable to get life saving treatments. Lies
  • NY and California are giving away ventilators
  • Hospitals get more $ per CV patient than any other type


In Michigan it appears people have had enough and organized #operationgridlock today to demand the State open back up.

Protesters Surround Michigan Capital to Protest Governor’s Excessive Lockdown Order

Dubbed “Operation Gridlock” and organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, the protest did just that – creating bumper-to-bumper traffic throughout downtown Lansing as demonstrators blasted their horns, waved Americans flags and hoisted placards deriding Whitmer’s orders and demanding that she reopen the state’s economy. 

LANSING, Mich. – Demonstrators drove thousands of vehicles – many draped with protest signs – to Michigan’s state Capitol on Wednesday, loudly protesting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order intended to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Police watched as horns honked and commercial and private vehicles from around the state jammed Capitol Avenue and other streets surrounding Michigan’s seat of government in Lansing.

“Liberty once lost is lost forever,” read a sign draped across a commercial van. “Security without liberty is called prison,” read another, stretched across the Capitol’s front lawn. “Recall Whitmer,” a third sign said.

Let’s get this going in Cali peeps:

Michigan’s #OperationGridlock is about to go national! For starters if you live in California, Arizona or Colorado or if you have friends or family in those states, #OperationGridlock is being organized RIGHT NOW!

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