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“The mission of Take California Back is to educate and unite like-minded individuals and groups into a movement that advances the one class overlooked by the Left and Right, the everyday Californian.”

It’s time to wake up, stop believing everything you hear on CNN and from the MSM. You are being decieved and controlled. Question everything, Be Kind and Fight for Your God Given Rights. 


I suggest you all begin writing your Senators and Reps if you are as upset as I am about the removal of our rights due to this Corona Virus Shutdown. Here is a copy of one I wrote this jerk because he authored the free health care to illegals bill.

Hello Senator, 

I appreciate the informative email you have sent out weekly with the county’s updates and new regulations during the CV pandemic. However, what I am increasingly becoming concerned with is the removal of our rights 1 by 1 each week & now almost daily. 

In your Friday’s Passover email, you allowed us (your constituents) to attend drive up or car service church services on Sunday for Easter. Then you went on to say that it was only for Easter and would be banned beginning Monday. 

I thought this was the USA? Did I stumble into Cuba while sleepwalking last night? There is nothing in the constitution that allows you or any “official” to remove my constitutional rights including my religious freedom rights. I would also like to know why there are weed dispensary’s, liquor stores & other (non essential) businesses open 24 hours during the “stay at home” orders but my church isn’t allowed? 

There isn’t one drive through closed at one fast food restaurant, so why is sitting in a car in a parking lot ok if I’m eating bad food, but not ok if I’m hearing a pastor preach Gods word? 

I am not alone in these and many other concerns. I along with most of the people I know have become increasingly disillusioned with the need to force all businesses to close & why we were sent home to sit and quarantine for the flu. I knew from day one this lock down was a ploy from the Democratic Party to destroy the current presidents economy in an attempt to win elections in November and to push more ballot harvesting and fraudulent vote by mail only laws. Now these facts are becoming the feelings of most Californians and throughout the country. It’s clear there aren’t going to be millions of deaths, the data is inflated and we won’t know the death count for months & by locking us up you’ve prevented heard immunity from taking place. 

After reviewing the bills you have recently sponsored I am even more disappointed in your performance as the Senator for the 31st district. What really clued me in to your complete disrespect of our rights and privacy were this bill you sponsored: 

  • CA SB1413 Income tax returns: occupational data.
  • CA SB1414 Employment Development Department: reporting requirements.

Both which remove regulations and restrictions from agencies revealing private and personal information on tax payers to other agencies without just cause or even notification. 

I’m aware of why California Democrats worked so hard to control the house and the senate in this state. You have the ability to change laws without notifying the public or putting it to vote as you have the majority. Funny that you have over 15 bills (many that have been approved and the changes you proposed approved) in the works and I’ve heard of none of them until I went and looked you up. This is not how a constitutional republic is supposed to operate. It’s “we the people for the people“ not “we the slaves for the Congress”. 

Your party is attempting to block aid from the CARES bill unless you can add your communist, globalist polices into the next phase & you are preventing Americans who own small businesses from keeping their doors open and their employees employed. California is one of the only states that can’t get the $600 a week EDD supplement during the CV pandemic money and I can’t understand why. How hard is it to add $600 to everyone who applies for unemployment? Give the $ now and worry about getting overages and over payments refunded from people later! People are not going to be able to feed their kids or pay bills if they have to go weeks without a paycheck! Your party makes me sick and you should be ashamed of yourself. 

What are you doing to make sure we are taken care of during this mess you all created? Why are you attempting to remove and restrict our rights while pretending it’s for the safety of ourselves and others? Anyone who gives up/trades their freedoms for the assumption of personal safety didnt deserve them in the first place. I am not ok with giving up one of my rights for anything you or your criminal party thinks you can promise me. I don’t want the government this involved in my day to day life. We/I want less of you all and there is no reason we cant open the economy back up and quarantine the old and high risk while letting the rest of go back to work and our kids back to school! 

There will be a reckoning come November at the ballot box. I know you know how awful the left did in the primary’s. This state is about to turn red and you and your corrupt peers are scrambling to regain control. It’s not going to work this time. You have a limited time to actually do some good for your constituents. Let’s see if you actually for the people or just a swamp rat.   

I’ll wait for your response. Thank You,

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