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175 Million Dollars for Illegals Before California Citizens Get 1$

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Dear Governor Newsome,

Hello and I hope you actually take the time to read this letter, as it is concerning something extremely important to myself, and every other Californian I know. To be honest, I have not been happy with anything you have done since taking over as Governor & I am not 100% convinced that without the nasty ballot harvesting/illegal aliens your party uses to vote that you would’ve won by such a large margin. Possible you might have not even been elected. I only mention this not to challenge your position, but to let you know I am not a fan, in fact I’m a staunch Republican and a supporter of President Trump. Regardless of these differences, I do respect you as the States Leader and I hope even though we are on opposite sides you can respect my opinion as well.

The reason I am choosing to write into your office today is because I have sent countless letters to my House Representative Mr. Harley Rouda, my Ex-Husbands Rep Mr.  Mark Takano and His Senator Mr. Richard Roth expressing my displeasure with their performance and I have gotten sub-par responses. In fact, all I get is a general template letter usually blaming my dissatisfaction of their work in Washington on the President. This is not only unacceptable it is not effective in actually solving any problems.

Yesterday, I saw your speech on the news and heard you announce your plans to give $125 Million of the CARES Bill to illegal aliens. The other day I got an email from Mr. Takano that said students were getting millions of dollars as well. I was also notified by EDD that there are no plans to give ME an American taxpayer the $600 addition to my unemployment while I am furloughed due to the ridiculous stay at home order. This is beyond reprehensible and downright criminal. Even with the $600 and my EDD, I am not making close to what I was while working. Not to mention the satisfaction and pleasure I received from my job, I am now a forced stay at home unemployed slob waiting on my check from the government. Something I am disgusted by. I was raised to take nothing from the government financially. My family is very successful and has paid millions in taxes in just the last few years mostly to the state & to be treated as if we are second rate CITIZENS behind criminals who are here illegally is almost too much to bear.

I will do everything I can to fight this and make sure you are not re-elected if this is the path you are determined to go down. Let me assure you I am not the only person who thinks this way. You need to open back up the State, we all know the CV virus was politized and used to destroy the economy to win in November. It didn’t work, in fact after yesterday I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump wins in California. That is before your party stuffs the ballot with your fraudulent harvested illegals votes. Yes, we know all about that too. I await your response on what your plans are to help US the citizens of this State.

Thank You

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