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I Refuse to Sit Back Silently While my Home California is Destroyed by the Devil Disguised as Liberals and Democrats!

California has been infiltrated & infected by a Nefarious Globalist Cabal whose one goal is to destroy the USA at any cost. Thanks to an act of God in 2016, President Donald J Trump was elected President & united Patriots across the Globe to fight back for what is ours! Join the fight today. #WWG1WGA #Darktolight #QSentMe 

JFK Killed
Recall Gavin Newsome

California has laws on the books and has quietly passed bills that would upset a majority of its residents. We are in dangerous territory & about out of time to stop the complete take over by the left. If one more election is stolen by the Democrat Party & we do not flip most of the seats to Red, the California we love will cease to exist.

Two years ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB1921, which legalized the so-called practice of “ballot harvesting.” Click the link for the full text (which is very disturbing). This new law was not made public, nor was it voted on. This was just 1 of the hundreds of unconstitutional laws California law makers have snuck into the legislature over the last decade. 


Nancy pelosi

California is the test tube experiment area to see if the rest of the country can be taken down as well.

California was once a very wealthy state, that held a high world GDP record. Do not listen to the lies Newsome spews about our $15 billion dollar surplus, here is the truth about our finances.

  “We literally owe trillions that isn’t being discussed. Just the estimated payments on public employee pensions in California will increase from $31 billion in today’s dollars to $59 billion in 2024; and this number is based on non-recessionary conditions or a major correction in the stock market. And California immediately needs $800 billion to over $1 trillion worth of infrastructure repairs, upgrades and new construction.” Source  Todd Royal

In this blog you will find opinion pieces, current events, tweets and YouTube channels I watch. I would love to hear all your thoughts and opinions as well, so please do not hesitate to respond, share and follow. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and maybe opening up others eyes to swing the votes away from the democrats and back to the real Patriots of this Nation to fix this crisis before our beloved country looks more like Venezuela than Utopia.

Thank You for stopping by. WWG1WG

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